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Besides the regular monitoring of temperature, respiration, heart rate and the blood pressurethe external and internal examination bimanual examinationas well as checking the lochia should be highlighted.

Ultrasonography - possibly transabdominal ultrasound - is also very important, primarily in indicating or excluding a possible retention. Infections of the birth canal are easily recognizable by inspection and exploration.

37 éves prostatitis histopathology of prostate adenocarcinoma

In case of endometritis the fundus of the uterus is higher than expected on external examination, and it is pressure sensitive and softer than normally during pelvic examination.

Eosinophilia detected in peripheral blood work may indicate drug-induced fever. Except for the less severe cases that respond well and quickly to treatment it is recommended to perform microbiological tests lochia and wound culture.

Efforts should be made to change the antibiotics in possession of the results of the bacterial culture and antibiogramm findings.

Távolítsa el a gyulladást a prosztatitisekkel l Carnitine prostatitis

Urine culture is only recommended if pyelonephritis is suspected based on clinical symptoms. Haemoculture is necessary in case of immunosuppressed patients and patients with bacterial endocarditis, and if the initial antibacterial prostate abscess mri radiology has not been effective.

Beyond the bimanual examination and the laboratory tests, imaging studies vaginal and abdominal ultrasonography, CT, MRI may help in finding the right diagnosis.

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