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bacterial prostatitis treatment guidelines

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PubMed: Szakterületek: Bacterial urinary tract infection UTI is a common clinical presentation in dogs and a frequent reason for the prescription of antimicrobial drugs. UTI refers to adherence, multiplication and persistence of an infectious agent within the urogenital system.

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This causes an associated inflammatory response as well as the pertaining clinical signs. Depending on the site of infection, UTI's may be classified as bacterial cystitis, prostatitis or pyelonephritis.

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In contrast, subclinical bacteriuria SB is defined as the presence of a significant number of bacteria in the urine of an individual not showing clinical signs referrable to UTI. UTI's typically occur as a consequence of ascending pathogen migration from the host's own fecal or distal urogenital microbial flora.

The diagnosis is based on clinical signs and the results of urine examination and culture. The recently revised guidelines of the International Society for Companion Animal Infectious Diseases provide detailed recommendations for diagnosis and management of different forms of bacterial UTI's in dogs.

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Adherence to treatment guidelines will improve treatment success and is imperative in avoiding further deterioration of the antimicrobial resistance situation.

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